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There now are New and Expanded Editions of the book, Oak Island Unearthed:

  • April 2017: Second International Edition (USA)
  • April 2017: Second International Edition (Metric)
  • May 2017: Third Canadian Edition (Metric/Imperial)

And coming soon:

  • A Spanish Language Edition

While the above new editions were coming off the presses, O'Brien wrote a supplementary article which we are publishing here. It is icing on the cake: Click for The Power of Prophecy to the Aztecs.

Oak Island Unearthed, cover About Oak Island Unearthed

Read this book on Oak Island and watch O'Brien's story on the 2017-2018 TV series, The Curse of Oak Island.

If you live in the area, you can find O'Brien's Oak Island Unearthed at Coles and Chapters-Indigo, as well as Halifax Pier 21, White Point Beach, Treasured Friends, SuperStore Smoke Shop, Port Medway Post Office and Grocery, and here and there.

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Chapters Indigo - Oak Island Unearthed

The main purpose of the following article is to explore the implications of the fact that in Nova Scotia's Mahone Bay there are two other shafts like that at Oak Island. All three shafts obviously were originally meant to facilitate underground mining. And that mining in Mahone Bay was for a rare type of clay. With respect for O'Brien's remarkable book, I have entitled my contribution Mahone Bay Unearthed.

If you are a thinking reader, Mahone Bay Unearthed may help open your mind to John O. O'Brien's "mining-for-clay" hypothesis. As a son of two mining geologists, I grew up in a major mining town in north Idaho, and I have linked easily with both O'Brien's thinking and his ways. At age 79, researching and writing this presentation was not easy, but I offer it to you with a strong sense of its validity. Plunge ahead!
Jack Sorenson

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